In Khabarovsk Krai girl killed after dog bite

In Khabarovsk territory five year old girl killed after dog bite. On Friday, February 3, reported on the website of the Investigative Committee (IC) in the region.

The animal attacked the girl in the village of Krasnoselskoe, where she came with her parents to visit her grandparents. A dog belonging to an elderly couple, was bitten by the girl when she was playing with her in the yard. The child had damaged the carotid artery, and she died on the way to the hospital. Later on the body was also discovered bite marks on her hand and foot.

It is noted that the girl often visited my grandparents and played with the dog, however, before this incident animal the child is not attacked.

Employees of the SC began checking on the fact of what happened. Dog put to death.

2 February in Moscow, the dog tore the widow of Soviet announcer and actor Cyril VAC. As reported the animals attacked the 80-year-old Valery VAC in front of the Ministry of sports. The surrounding area was guarded by four Caucasian shepherd dog, reports Вести.Ru.

According to the investigation, the employee chop has not seen in the absence of foreign on-site and released the dogs. He was detained, a criminal case on causing death by negligence.