A suspect in the murder of Kim Jong-Nam “thought it was a joke”

A suspect in the murder of Kim Jong-Nam “thought it was a joke” A citizen of Indonesia, arrested on suspicion in murder of the brother of the leader of the DPRK, said that she was allegedly paid 400 MYR (about $ 90) that it “made fun of Kim Jong-Nam”. City the ICU claims that she was asked to splash into the face of Kim Jong-Nam, she said, “baby oil”, as the draw in the reality show. Embassy of Indonesia announced that representatives of the Department met with the suspect. According to them, she told them about the details of the incident, and described the people who allegedly asked her to play a joke on Kim Jong-Nam and was given a substance that resembled baby oil. According to her, these people were similar to the Japanese or Koreans. The Embassy officials said that the suspect have any visible traces of the

Cave artists used the same technique as van Gogh

Cave artists used the same technique as van Gogh Artistic techniques used by van Gogh and Georges Seurat, were considered innovative at the time, but the recent discovery of the archaeologists showed that 38 000 years ago, ancient artists used similar techniques in his drawings. Scientists have discovered 16 tablets, Dating from orinyansky period. They were shown the horses, mammoths and tours. Remarkably, the pictures were made by a series of dots and LINIK, or according to archaeologists, in the technique of pointillism, reports LiveScience. Modern pointillism was coined in 1880 by Georges Seurat and Paul Signac. They developed the technique of creating the illusion of a larger image using small dots. Other artists, including Camille Pissarro and Roy Lichtenstein, followed their example. The researchers first visit to the excavations in the valley of the river Weser, but the new discovery were very surprising. According to statements of scientists, the

On Ligovsky car tore down pedestrians on the sidewalk

On Ligovsky car tore down pedestrians on the sidewalk A serious accident occurred in the center of St. Petersburg opposite Moscow railway station, said the propaganda Department of traffic police across the city and region. According to preliminary data, about 20:25 at the house 47 on Ligovskiy Prospekt 40-year-old driver of the Ford car crashed into a parked car and drove onto the sidewalk, knocking down pedestrians. Three women suffered; one of them, 26-year-old is in serious condition.

Trump said that in the past month have reduced the US national debt at $ 12 billion

Trump said that in the past month have reduced the US national debt at $ 12 billion MOSCOW, Feb 25 — RIA Novosti. Donald trump said that during the first month of his tenure as President, the U.S. national debt decreased by $ 12 billion, however, the media did not react to this success. About this trump wrote in his Twitter. The media has not reported that the National Debt in my first month went down by $12 billion vs a $200 billion increase in Obama’s first mo. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 25, 2017 “The media reported that the national debt in my first month fell by 12 billion dollars, while in the first month of Obama’s presidency, it rose by $ 200 billion, wrote trump. The US President also noted the growth of Dow Jones on the stock exchange of the United States. In his opinion, this

Russia will not support UN security Council Western draft resolution on chemical weapons in Syria

Russia will not support UN security Council Western draft resolution on chemical weapons in Syria Moscow. 25 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — Vote on submitted by France, the US and UK draft resolution of the UN Security Council on the use of chemical weapons in Syria may be held on Monday, said “Interfax” a source in the headquarters of the world Organization. “The vote on the draft resolution entitled “Western Troika” will be held, most likely, on Monday”, — said the Agency interlocutor. In turn, the Russian mission to the UN, noted that “in the form in which the text is presented to the security Council, Russia to support it can’t.” United States, France and Britain urged to ban the sale of helicopters to Damascus and to impose sanctions against 11 individuals and 10 companies that, in their opinion, are related to attacks with chemical weapons. Some countries accused the Syrian military

Japan expressed protest to Russia in connection with plans to deploy the division in the Kuril Islands

Tokyo protested to Moscow in connection with plans of the Russian defense Ministry to place in 2017 division in the Kuril Islands. This was stated by the Secretary General of the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan Acehide Suga. “We are closely watching the actions of Russia in the four Northern Islands. Now we collect additional information in connection with recent reports of plans by location (division). On 22 and 23 February, we filed protests through diplomatic channels”, — quotes TASS Sougou. Thus, according to him, Tokyo is in favour of further talks on the issue of Smoking, but also finding a mutually acceptable solution. Previously the foreign Ministry of Japan stated that the increased military presence of Russia in the Kuril Islands to the Japanese position. On February 22 the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu said that the Agency will place the division in the Kuril Islands in

To say goodbye with Churkin in new York, came more than 300 diplomats

Photo: RIA Novosti More than 300 Russian and foreign diplomats came on Wednesday at ceremony of farewell to the permanent representative of the Russian Federation at the world organization Vitaly Churkin. This was announced by Russian diplomatic mission on his page on the microblogging network Twitter. “More than 300 Russian and foreign diplomats paid their final respects to Ambassador Churkin, at a farewell ceremony in new York city”, – stated in the message. At the funeral ceremony were made by the widow Irina Churkina and his son Maxim, Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergey Kislyak, the permanent representatives of the United States, Nikki Haley and Kazakhstan Kairat Umarov, Deputy of the Russian Ambassador Pyotr Ilyich and Vladimir Safronkov, as well as the UN Secretary-General, antónio Guterres. The latter noted the “unquestioned authority” Churkin in the Security Council and the respect which he enjoyed among his colleagues. “I think that if in

Indonesia got $ 90 for the murder of his brother, Kim Jong-UN

One of the suspects in the murder of Kim Jong-Nam, half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong UN, got $ 90 for his poisoning. On Saturday, February 25, the Associated Press reports. According to the Deputy Indonesian Ambassador to Malaysia, Erwin Andrian (Andriano Erwin), which is about half an hour talked with the suspect, 25-year-old Indonesia Siti Aisha (Siti Aisyah) I was sure that taking part in a television raffle, for which she was promised 400 MYR (almost $ 90). Despite her statement, Malaysian police say that Aisha along with the other suspect — a girl-Vietnamese Doan thi Huong (Huong Doan Thi) was well aware of the properties of the poison that Malaysia put on Kim Jong-Nam. “They were instructed to wash off the liquid with a hand immediately after the murder,” — said the law enforcement agencies. Earlier in February, the Malaysian chemists-experts found out that the half-brother of

Merkel ally: the need to confront Russia from a position of strength

Ally of German Chancellor Angela Merkel of the CDU/CSU in the Bundestag Volker Kauder in an interview with German journalists said about the necessity of the struggle with Russia. The text of the conversation publishes the newspaper Berliner Morgenpost.   “Russia under President Putin on a daily basis trying to destabilize Europe. It must be resisted from a position of strength, but this should not mean a return to the cold war,” he said Kauder.   According to the politician, for this purpose, and thus the security of Germany, the country must increase defense spending. That is, more actively to sponsor NATO. Photo: Valentin Wolf imagebroker / globallookpress

Jealous burned alive four people near Tula

35-year-old resident of the city of Bogoroditsk of the Tula region burned the house in which his wife drank alcohol with other men, resulting in four people were killed. This is the official website of the regional Investigative Committee.   “The suspect out of a sense of jealousy caused by the relationship between the located in the house 33-year-old wife and owner of the house, set fire to the terrace. After the spread of the fire 30-year-old man who received burns on the body, managed to get out on the street. The death of the remaining 4 persons came on a place of incident”, – is spoken in the message of the RCDS.   Now the suspect is detained, the question on election to it measures of restraint. A criminal case under article “murder of two and more persons committed socially dangerous way”. Photo: emergency situations Ministry