Cave artists used the same technique as van Gogh

Cave artists used the same technique as van Gogh

Artistic techniques used by van Gogh and Georges Seurat, were considered innovative at the time, but the recent discovery of the archaeologists showed that 38 000 years ago, ancient artists used similar techniques in his drawings.

Scientists have discovered 16 tablets, Dating from orinyansky period. They were shown the horses, mammoths and tours. Remarkably, the pictures were made by a series of dots and LINIK, or according to archaeologists, in the technique of pointillism, reports LiveScience.

Modern pointillism was coined in 1880 by Georges Seurat and Paul Signac. They developed the technique of creating the illusion of a larger image using small dots. Other artists, including Camille Pissarro and Roy Lichtenstein, followed their example.

The researchers first visit to the excavations in the valley of the river Weser, but the new discovery were very surprising. According to statements of scientists, the newly discovered tablets had already been found, but no one was examined and not examined. All the finds went to the French national Museum of prehistory in Dordogne.