Judge from Detroit suspended the anti-immigrant decree trump

Donald Trump

District judge of the American city of Detroit, Michigan, temporarily suspended the decree of the President of the United States Donald trump about the restrictions against immigrants. About it reports Reuters.

Thus, according to the decree issued by the judge of the Eastern district of Michigan, Victoria Roberts, is prohibited “to refuse entry to the United States to those who live in the country legally on a permanent basis, as well as those who have a valid immigrant visa”. It clarifies the Agency, initially unnamed, the plaintiff asked for a permanent injunction on the Ordinance.

Earlier, the judge Ann Donnelly of the Federal district court for the Eastern district of new York allowed foreigners with a valid us visa which has already arrived in the United States and came under the decree on toughening of immigration policy, to temporarily stay in the country.

27 Jan trump has signed a decree banning entry to the country for the citizens of the seven States in which Islam is the dominant religion of Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia and the Sudan. In addition, at 120 days it stopped receiving refugees from Syria.

The decree has caused mixed reactions not only in the US but around the world. Senators from the Democratic party announced that they are going to offer to discuss the bill repealing the paper. Attorneys General of 15 U.S. States called the decision of the head of state illegal. 900 employees of the Department of state signed a Memorandum to protest against the decree.