During the operation, the doctor mortally wounded patient in the Kursk region

During the surgery the doctor accidentally cut the artery of his patient, and then the woman died, according to SU IC of Russia in the Kursk region.


According to investigators, the incident took place in Zheleznogorsk city hospital №2, which is 12 December 2016 in the surgical Department received a 22-year-old woman with a diagnosis of “chronic cholecystitis”.


During surgery, the patient had sustained a wound to the left iliac artery, causing hemorrhagic shock 4 degrees with an episode of cardiac arrest. After the incident, relatives of the women moved her to a Federal medical biophysical center named after A. I. Burnazyan, Moscow. However, despite there treatment, the patient died on 23 January this year.


Currently the investigating authorities are implementing actions aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the incident and those responsible for the death of the patient physicians. The criminal investigation continues.

Foto: CHROMORANGE / Bilderbox / Globallookpress