French police have arrested two suspects in the preparation of a terrorist attack involving a suicide bomber

In the French city of Montpellier (centre of the region of Occitania, the South of the country) the staff of the counterterrorism police arrested four people suspected of preparing a terrorist attack. On Friday, February 10, reports BFMTV. The group included three men and a 16-year-old girl. During the search police seized a small amount of acetone peroxide (the substance known as “Mother of Satan”), as well as the ingredients necessary for the production of explosives in the handicraft way. As suggested by the investigators as a suicide bomber was planned to involve 22-year-old young man who is the groom a member of the group. The attack was to take place shortly after the wedding, and then she planned to go to Syria and to the status of “widow of a Martyr”. It is implied that in the territories controlled by the militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG,

Assad expressed readiness to leave the post with the loss of support from the people

Bashar Al-Assad Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said he was ready to leave his post as soon as he loses the support of the Syrian people. The leader of the Arab Republic stated in an interview with Yahoo News, according to Reuters. The head of state noted that this is his principled position. According to Assad, if his actions do not enjoy support of the population, it will become a big problem, and “he can’t stand it.” Assad has repeatedly said that his departure from the presidency depends on the will of the people and Parliament. On 7 February he announced that Syria does not belong to his family any citizen of the country can take the lead. “Syria belongs to the Syrians,” — said the head of state, answering a question on whether he could imagine that his family will not be in power. Bashar al-Assad, son of former Syrian

Fourcade was offered to acquaint with the Russian “Borodino battle”

Martin Fourcade LDPR activists plan to send French biathlete Martin Fourcade was invited to Moscow for consultation with the Museum of the Patriotic war of 1812. This was stated by the Deputy of the state Duma from LDPR Alexey Didenko at the morning plenary session on Friday, February 10, the correspondent “”. “Fourcade, who has repeatedly spoken negatively about the Russian athletes, I would like to say that he should get to know the Russian athletes, Russian culture and history,” — said the MP. In his opinion, Fourcade should be familiar with the exposition of the Museum and panorama “Borodino battle”. He is quickly reminded that “it is the French who cross the road Russian,” said Didenko. The MP expressed hope that this initiative will support including his party colleague, the Chairman of the Duma Committee on physical culture, sport, tourism and youth Affairs Mikhail Degtyarev. February 9 in the

Former Perm Governor became head rostransnadzora

Viktor Basargin The Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has appointed the former Governor of Perm Krai Victor Basargin, head of the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of transport (Rostransnadzor). About it reports TASS on Friday, February 10. “Given the fact that you have some serious experience at the Federal level — Minister of regional development, and, of course, know the regional specificity, I have decided to appoint you to the post of head rostransnadzora” — said Prime Minister at a meeting with Basargin. Viktor Basargin filed his resignation from the post of Governor of Perm territory on February 6. On the same day, the acting head of the region was appointed Maxim Reshetnikov, previously the head of capital Department of economic policy and development. From October 2015 the post of the acting head of Rostransnadzor is Sergey Zaritskiy. In July, according to TASS, sources reported that his

Kiev announced the firing of “Beeches” near Crimea

Kiev announced the firing of “Beeches” near Crimea Kiev has announced that it will conduct shooting of complexes “Buk-M1” in the Kherson region. In December, Kiev was spent shooting over the Black sea, Russia expressed a protest in connection with plans of firing. Kyiv in 2017, will hold live firing of anti-aircraft missile systems “Buk-M1” near the Crimea. This was announced by the speaker of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine Dmitry Gutsulyak. Firing units of the armed SAM “Buk-M1”, held at the site “Yagorlyk” in the Kherson region Date of the speaker of the Ministry said. According to Huculak, “to ensure coordination of antiaircraft missile units” will be about 50 tactical exercises with the command posts of brigades, regiments and major subdivisions. Also scheduled 25 tactical exercises with anti-aircraft missile batteries SAM “Buk-M1” in landfills and 35 special tactical exercises with units of the security. In addition, the Ukrainian

Campaign commercial marine Le Pen became a hit on the social networks

Campaign commercial marine Le Pen became a hit on the social networks It took only a few days after the leader of the French party “national front” marine Le Pen released their campaign commercial, and he already became a hit on social networks in France and, apparently, abroad. Over a million people viewed it in Facebook, about 500 thousand on Twitter. This is not to mention those supporters natsfronta who is familiar with the clip on the party website. In the clip, filmed in the best tradition of Hollywood trailers, main characters of two marine Le Pen and France, which from the first seconds she confesses love. “How many can remember, always felt to be intrinsically passionate connection to the country and its history. I love France with all my heart, with all my heart. A thousand years of a nation that never gives up, proud people who never renounces,”

In Panama detained the founder of a company, Mossack Fonseca

In Panama detained the founder of a company, Mossack Fonseca In Panama, arrested the founders of the company — Registrar of offshore companies Mossack Fonseca. Last spring, the company faced a leak of its documents, the defendants of which were business leaders and officials around the world. Law enforcement agencies detained in Panama, Ramon Fonseca and jürgen Massaka — founders of the company which were recorded offshore Mossack Fonseca. About it reports Agency EFE. In the company’s office were searched. According to the Agency, the detention Mossaka and Fonseca followed a few hours later, after the Panamanian authorities accused them of involvement in the corruption case of fraud in the Brazilian state oil company Petrobras. The investigation began in 2014. The investigators believe that top managers of oil companies, which from 2003 to 2010 former President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, has signed with contractors contracts whose sums were deliberately inflated.

Died one of the inventors of a method of MRI Briton Peter Mansfield

Died one of the inventors of a method of MRI Briton Peter Mansfield MOSCOW, 10 Feb — RIA Novosti. One of the inventors of the method of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and winner of the Nobel prize for medicine in Briton Peter Mansfield died at the age of 83 years, reports the University of Nottingham, where he worked as a scientist. Research in the area of obtaining images of internal organs without penetration into the body is one of the most advanced areas of modern medicine. Mansfield and the American researcher Paul Lauterbourg conducted a complementary and stimulating each other’s research and experiments in order to study and improve this technology. Nobel prize for the discovery was awarded to them in 2003. At the time, Mansfield was not able to get a high school diploma and 15 years working in the print shop, and then went to serve in the

Wife of American actor George Clooney she was expecting twins

Wife of American actor George Clooney she was expecting twins The couple is expecting the birth of their children in June. NEW YORK, February 10. /Offset. TASS Ivan sawyers/. Wife of American actor George Clooney — Amal is pregnant, she is expecting twins. This was announced on Thursday, the American channel CBS. Personagens Clooney According to him, children will be born in June. George and Amal Clooney got married in Venice in September 2014. Earlier the couple had no children. Clooney received the world popularity after starring in the TV series “er” (ER, 1994-2009). A major milestone in the career of the actor was the collaboration with Director Steven Soderbergh, with whom they created several paintings: “Out of sight” (Out of Sight, 1998), “ocean’s Eleven” (Ocean’s Eleven, 2001) and its sequels in 2004 and 2007, “Solyaris” (Solaris, 2002) and “the Good German” (The Good German, 2006). He is the recipient