Kiev announced the firing of “Beeches” near Crimea

Kiev announced the firing of “Beeches” near Crimea

Kiev has announced that it will conduct shooting of complexes “Buk-M1” in the Kherson region. In December, Kiev was spent shooting over the Black sea, Russia expressed a protest in connection with plans of firing.

Kyiv in 2017, will hold live firing of anti-aircraft missile systems “Buk-M1” near the Crimea. This was announced by the speaker of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine Dmitry Gutsulyak.

Firing units of the armed SAM “Buk-M1”, held at the site “Yagorlyk” in the Kherson region

Date of the speaker of the Ministry said.

According to Huculak, “to ensure coordination of antiaircraft missile units” will be about 50 tactical exercises with the command posts of brigades, regiments and major subdivisions. Also scheduled 25 tactical exercises with anti-aircraft missile batteries SAM “Buk-M1” in landfills and 35 special tactical exercises with units of the security.

In addition, the Ukrainian division, armed with s-300, will take part in a multinational exercise Saber Guardian-2017 on the range “Shabla in Bulgaria”, said the speaker of the defense Ministry of Ukraine.

In early December Ukraine conducted exercises over the Black sea. Worked out, as reported by the head of the press center of the air command “South” Ukrainian army Vladimir Kryzhanovsky, the start-up of controlled anti-aircraft medium-range missiles.

The head of the Central command of the air force of Ukraine Roman Urcia stated that the closest point of approach of the missile to the air space of the Crimea is not less than 30 km

He stressed that the Ukrainian military conducted exercises on its territory.

The source of “RIA Novosti” in law enforcement bodies of Crimea reported that the black sea fleet went to sea and took up positions to the West coast of the Peninsula. Calculations of air defense at the time of the Ukrainian exercises had been translated to the strengthened mode of service.

When Kiev announced its intention to conduct a missile firing at the end of November, the Russian defense Ministry protested. In Moscow indicated that the Eastern boundary of the danger zone violates the limits of the territorial sea of Russia, which is a violation of international law.