Campaign commercial marine Le Pen became a hit on the social networks

Campaign commercial marine Le Pen became a hit on the social networks

It took only a few days after the leader of the French party “national front” marine Le Pen released their campaign commercial, and he already became a hit on social networks in France and, apparently, abroad.

Over a million people viewed it in Facebook, about 500 thousand on Twitter. This is not to mention those supporters natsfronta who is familiar with the clip on the party website.

In the clip, filmed in the best tradition of Hollywood trailers, main characters of two marine Le Pen and France, which from the first seconds she confesses love.

“How many can remember, always felt to be intrinsically passionate connection to the country and its history. I love France with all my heart, with all my heart. A thousand years of a nation that never gives up, proud people who never renounces,” says marine Le Pen on the background of the ocean coast of the Atlantic and solemnly disturbing music. A small detail and hint: in the frame next to the charismatic blonde with the developing in the wind hair lifebuoy on the stand of those that the municipal authorities of the coastal cities to keep beaches.

Further, marine Le Pen is moved to a homelike ambience. The soft subdued light of table lamps. Leafing through an album of photos of her little girl, laughing teenager beautiful girl and then a mother with a child in the hands of marine Le Pen with alarm in her voice said that she, like millions of parents concerned about what the inheritance will go to the children, in what state will the world in the coming years.

Calling the main enemy of France Islamist fundamentalism, which, in her words, “spreading across our country,” the National front leader makes it clear that he would do everything to protect the countrymen, future generations from this plague.

But marine Le Pen, lawyer mantle. After receiving a law degree, for a number of years working in this field. Her VoiceOver announces “commitment to civil rights and freedoms”, which are always ready to defend.

A characteristic feature of the electoral roll that it is extremely rare kinds of party rallies, mass meetings of supporters of marine Le Pen. Appearing in a Paris bistro for a Cup of coffee, walking through the capital’s Trocadero, opposite the Eiffel tower, marine Le Pen gives to understand that she, like everyone else, but what most concerned the French, it is close and clear. “Whether it is violence, poverty affecting many of the French, I feel people’s suffering as their own” — says marine Le Pen.

In the video marine Le Pen — a man of action, whether with voters or in the usual manner, vigorously speaking at a press conference. By the way, her polemical skills recognized in the most vehement opponents.

The climax of the movie is when the leader natsfronta talks about the importance of choice that French voters will soon make

Marine Le Pen is convinced that we are talking about the decision having a “civilizational value”.

“You want to continue with those who are lying to you and betraying you, or support those who are willing to restore order in France?”, — puts marine Le Pen the question squarely, firmly holding the helm of the yacht cutting through the turbulent ocean depths.

She is ready to take on this heavy responsibility. “Yes, I want to restore in France the order as a head of state solemnly declares the head of NetFront and adds: I’ll do it on your behalf. On behalf of the people.”

“On behalf of the people” is the slogan of the campaign, marine Le Pen, who according to all opinion polls the heads of three of the favorites of the presidential marathon in April-may this year.