In Panama detained the founder of a company, Mossack Fonseca

In Panama detained the founder of a company, Mossack Fonseca

In Panama, arrested the founders of the company — Registrar of offshore companies Mossack Fonseca. Last spring, the company faced a leak of its documents, the defendants of which were business leaders and officials around the world.

Law enforcement agencies detained in Panama, Ramon Fonseca and jürgen Massaka — founders of the company which were recorded offshore Mossack Fonseca. About it reports Agency EFE. In the company’s office were searched.

According to the Agency, the detention Mossaka and Fonseca followed a few hours later, after the Panamanian authorities accused them of involvement in the corruption case of fraud in the Brazilian state oil company Petrobras.

The investigation began in 2014. The investigators believe that top managers of oil companies, which from 2003 to 2010 former President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, has signed with contractors contracts whose sums were deliberately inflated. They also bribed politicians. The Petrobras case eventually led to the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff.

The company is Mossack Fonseca became widely known in April 2016, after the international organization of investigative journalists (ICIJ) published an investigation about offshore big business, and several high-ranking politicians. It was based on documents Mossack Fonseca, the resulting leakage.

In the published files including revealed data on foreign firms in 12 Russian officials or their relatives. The investigation also mentioned the cellist Sergei Roldugin. The authors argued that “people from the inner circle” of Russian President Vladimir Putin was transferred through offshore companies at least $2 billion.

The scandal with offshore companies, in particular, led to the resignation of the Prime Minister of Iceland Sigmundur of Gunnlaugsson and Minister of industry and tourism of Spain Jose Manuel Soria. The founders of the company described the leak as “limited cracking”.