“Smart Russia” ceased to exist

Ella Pamfilova

Two Russian party “Smart Russia” and Party of protection of business — ceased to exist. On Wednesday, February 8, Chairman of the Central election Commission, Ella Pamfilova, reports TASS.

“At the moment, according to the Ministry of justice, the right to participate in elections have 72 party, since the beginning of February, ceased to exist and was excluded from the register for two,” — said Pamfilova.

In the list of registered political parties at the Ministry of justice website until stated both organizations.

January 19, Director of the Institute of contemporary Economics Nikita Isaev has informed that has submitted to the justice Ministry to register a new public-political movement “New Russia”. It is assumed that it will participate in the elections in several regions this year, he said.

A week earlier, the Ministry of justice registered “non-partisan Russia.” Among the goals of the organization is to unite all the citizens of the country without regard to the nationality on a non-partisan basis, and the dissemination of the humanistic ideology and policies based “on scientific and democratic principles”.

Party of protection of business and entrepreneurship exists since October 2013. Its main goal is to take the maximum number of seats in the government to protect the freedom and interests of entrepreneurs, according to the program of the organization.

“Smart Russia” was registered by Ministry of justice in June 2012. Under the program, the party aims to gather people of the “creative class”, which combines “the thirst for the new, the openness of the future and dissatisfaction with the present”. Among the main tasks of the specified anti-bureaucratic revolution, which, in the opinion of the creators of the movement, will allow including to tackle corruption. “Smart Russia”, as follows from the statements of its leadership, planned to become the first “party leading in the cyberspace.”