Crimean Tatars appealed to the UN General Assembly calling to recognize the Peninsula part of the Russian Federation

Crimean Tatars near the building of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea, Simferopol, February 26, 2014 © REUTERS/Baz Ratner UN 8 Feb. /Offset. TASS Oleg Zelenin/. Russia gave the UN appeal of the Crimean Tatar public organizations “kyrym birligi” with an appeal to recognize the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation not contradicting norms of international law, to condemn the blockade of the Crimea and to achieve the lifting of sanctions imposed by Western States. Treatment attached to the letter sent by the permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin, President of the 71st session of the General Assembly, Peter Thomson. The text of the letter published on the UN website.

The adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine commented on his involvement in the murder of Givi

Advisor to the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Zorian Shkiryak reported that the long accustomed to the constant accusations from the militias. He told this to the Ukrainian Apostrophe, commenting on allegations of his involvement in the killing of a militia commander Mikhail Tolstykh known under the Callsign Givi. “I’m used to it. Because they I didn’t suspect. Comment on heresy Russian propaganda makes no sense. The only thing this confirms that the thief and the cap burns”, – said Shkiryak. The adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine once happy he accused the leaders of the breakaway Donetsk and Lugansk national republics Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Carpentry, as well as the Deputy head of the operational command of the Republic, Eduard Basurin, of involvement in the attack. According to him, according to the Ukrainian security forces to eliminate the “leaders” DNR and the FSC was planned for a

British actress and goddaughter of Prince Charles, was found dead

British actress and goddaughter of Prince Charles, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson was found dead in her apartment in Kensington, reports the BBC. It is noted that the woman was 45 years. Cause of death not reported. However, about a year ago she was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor, as well as the actress was being treated for cocaine addiction. The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall made a statement that they are deeply saddened by this news and loss of a close friend. Photo: Mike Raison / ZUMAPRESS / Globallookpress

Ukrainian police showed a video with the alleged killers Sheremet

Natspolitsiya of Ukraine showed a video depicting the suspects in the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet. The Agency showed a video at a press conference devoted to the investigation of the death Sheremet.   In examining video evidence, the investigators noticed a strange behavior of the people depicted in the record, and suggested that one of them laid an explosive device. You can also track the route of the suspects on 20 July 2016, when the assassination occurred.   Thus, according to the chief of investigative management Alexander Vakulenko, until notice of the charges is not handed to anyone, writes   “Persons who are reasonably suspected of: we have a holistic understanding of customers, executives, associates, but it is not a subject that can articulate,” said Vakulenko.   The car, which was Pavel Sheremet exploded in the center of Kiev in July 2016. Mashino undermined by a radio-controlled explosive

A powerful explosion occurred at a chemical factory in Eastern China

A powerful explosion occurred at a chemical factory in Eastern China SHANGHAI, February 8. /Offset. TASS Ivan Kargapoltsev/. A powerful explosion occurred at a chemical plants in the Chinese city of Tongling (in Eastern Anhui province). It is reported by news portal Sina. Posted online photos is seen as a pillar of fire rises over high-rise buildings. The report notes that about 10 seconds in the entire city was bright as day. The explosion occurred at about 22:45 local time (17:45 GMT). BREAKING: Explosion rocks chemical plant in east China’s Anhui Province, casualties unknown — China Xinhua News (@XHNews) February 8, 2017. At the place of work emergency services, the victims or victim information is not received. unluck day…to pay for??? — 萌萌的电教 (@mmddj_china) 8 Feb 2017 Explosion rocked a chemical plant in east China’s Anhui province around 10:45 pm on Feb 8. Investigation underway. — Al

The Kremlin promised “rigidly to react” to threats to the Director of “Matilda”

The Kremlin promised “rigidly to react” to threats to the Director of “Matilda” In the Kremlin consider unacceptable actions of the organization “the Christian state of Holy Russia”, the attacks against the film “Matilda” by Alexei Uchitel. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov called the illegal actions of anonymous extremists, attacks which have been the Director of the film “Matilda” by Alexei Uchitel. According to the representative of the Kremlin, the Teacher is under attack unregistered in the Ministry of justice of the organization, which calls itself “the Christian state of Holy Russia”. That is, in fact, we are talking about the threats from the anonymous extremists, about which said in his address to the President. Of course, such actions are absolutely unacceptable.Dmitry Peskov, Press Secretary of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin (quoted by “Interfax”) Peskov said that in such situations, you need a “mutual responsibility”: cultural workers

Stephen king and his son Owen will present the first jointly written novel

Stephen king and his son Owen will present the first jointly written novel The novel “Sleeping beauty” will be presented at the largest trade fair BookExpo, which will be held in late may — early June in new York. NEW YORK, 8 Feb. /Offset. TASS Igor Borisenko/. The world famous American writer Stephen king and his son and co-author Owen for the first time will represent the first joint book “Sleeping beauty” (Sleeping Beauties) at the upcoming new York in late may — early June, the largest book fair BookExpo. As the Executive Director of the exhibition Brian McDonald, these meetings with literary celebrities “attract thousands of people interested in finding out about new books and chat with the most famous authors”. “We are working to present at the exhibition with a wide range of authors, each of which can Express a dissenting opinion about literature and the world around

Daniel Radcliffe showed his double from Krasnoyarsk

Daniel Radcliffe showed his double from Krasnoyarsk British actor Daniel Radcliffe showed a photo of the resident of Krasnoyarka, which has gained popularity in social networks because of the similarity with the played Harry Potter artist. A video published on Facebook page of ITV London. Radcliffe was interviewed about the staging of the play “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead” on the TV show when the presenter asked him and other actors to look at the double Briton Nicholas the Last. They noted that the Russian is really similar to the artist. The similarity of the Placenta with actor Internet users discovered late January thanks to the Instagram account of a resident of Krasnoyarsk. ⚡I Photos published Kolya ⚡ I (@anupliy) Feb 7 2017 1:58 PST Radcliffe became famous thanks to the role of Harry Potter in the film adaptation of the series of novels by JK Rowling about the young

Somalia elected a new President

Somalia elected a new President Moscow. 8 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — Former Prime Minister of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi, Farmaco came on Wednesday as President of the country, reports AP. This was preceded by two rounds of elections, in which former President Hassan Mohamud defeated. “This is a historic moment, we have embarked on the path of democracy, and now, I want to congratulate Mohamed Abdullahi, Farmaco,” said Hassan Mohamud, welcoming a new President. The Agency also draws attention to the fact that Pharmaco in addition to Somali citizenship, US citizenship.

Kosachev spoke about the unsuccessful attempt to establish a dialogue with the senators

Photo: RIA Novosti Russian lawmakers in October 2016, has tried to establish a dialogue with the U.S. Senate Committee on foreign Affairs. This was stated by the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev, RIA “Novosti”. “In early October, when relations between Russia and the US strained to the limit, my colleague (the head of the Duma Committee on international Affairs – “Газета.Ru”) Leonid Slutsky appealed to the leadership of the U.S. Senate Committee on foreign Affairs with a proposal to involve parliamentary channel, but got no answer,” – said Kosachev. In January, Kosachev said that Russia hopes that the position of elected President of the United States Donald trump is more pragmatic than its predecessor.