Scientists have found a link name and a person’s appearance

Scientists have found a link name and a person’s appearance

Scientists conducted an experiment, the results of which show that the appearance of the human face often depends on cultural stereotypes surrounding his name.

The choice of name for a child often becomes a headache for parents but a new study shows that it may be more important than previously thought. In particular, scientists have discovered that the name was somehow connected with the appearance of man, and called it the “Dorian gray effect”, writes The Telegraph.

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“Previous studies have shown the existence of some cultural stereotypes tied to the name and appearance of a person. For example, people are more likely to imagine that Bob, not Tim is the owner of a round face. We believe that these stereotypes can over time affect the appearance of people,” said Yonath, Zwebner from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

In the experiment, the scientists showed eight research groups of pictures of unfamiliar people, and asked to identify their names in appearance. As a result, participants guessing the names of more than 40% of cases, while a random selection of names the result would not have exceeded 25%.

This is the first study demonstrating that our social prejudices and expectations on behalf of, not only genes and hormone levels can affect the formation of a person’s appearance.