Zyuganov told about the surprise meeting with Russian youth

Gennady Zyuganov The country’s young population which knows nothing about the achievements of the Soviet era, will have a bad fate, the leader of the CPRF Gennady Zyuganov. This opinion he expressed at a press conference on Monday, February 13, reported on the website of the party on Monday, February 13. “Today, when I meet with students, young people, takes surprise — I know nothing of the great Soviet era, which should be proud of, know nothing about our great victory and the contributions of our military genius,” — said Zyuganov. The party leader was urged not to give the younger generation finally lose the historical memory. He stressed that “the most brilliant invention of the Russian nation is a strong state, and the pinnacle of our state is the Soviet government.” According to a study conducted by “Levada center” in November last year, every second Russian (51%) believes that

Has brought down the colleague of the priest from Vladimir was removed from service

Russian Orthodox priest, shot down on Toyota Land Cruiser in Vladimir, another Orthodox priest, will be removed from service pending an investigation, said on Monday, February 13, RIA Novosti. Both the priest serve in the Vladimir diocese. The victim — the Abbot of the temple Martyr Andrew Stratelates. According to the representative of the diocese, Archpriest Evgeny Lipatov, he is now in serious but stable condition, but doctors noted positive dynamics. “We all pray to God so he spared the life of… We support his wife, who is very worried,” — said the Agency interlocutor. The incident occurred on February 11 at the unregulated crosswalk, at the intersection of Gorky and Gastello in Vladimir. The victim is in the intensive care unit, police started an investigation. According to preliminary data, both participants of road accident were sober. 17 January in Rostov-na-Donu drunk Russian Orthodox priest, a staff priest of the

Kosachev described the terrible decision to award a prize for a photo of the killer Ambassador

Konstantin Kosachev The recognition of the year photo of the murdered Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov is beyond morality. On Monday, 13 February, told RIA Novosti the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev. “A feeling of disgust towards those who make such terrible decisions beyond morality and sense of horror with the understanding, how many terrorists can inspire and the photography, and the “high” jury”, — said the Senator. Earlier, the jury of the international competition World Press Photo (WPP) has announced the winners of the 60th premium. The main prize was awarded to Burhan Ozbilici from the Associated Press for the killer Charles is a former police officer Mevlut MERTa of Altıntaş. Jury President Stuart Franklin admitted that he voted against this decision.

The media reported on the request of the Istanbul terrorist to give him a death sentence

Abdulqadir Masharipov, executor of the terrorist attack that occurred on new year’s eve in a club in Istanbul, told the court about to be sentenced to death. It is reported by Sabah. According to the publication, in the course of the hearing, the accused confessed to belonging to terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia), and also spoke in detail about where and when he trained. Masharipov said that originally planned to attack people walking in Taksim square, but changed their plans due to the large number of police guarding the approach and decided to attack elsewhere. As the transcripts of the testimony of a terrorist, he did not repent of the crime. “My mission was to kill Christians as revenge for killings of Muslims,” said Masharipov, speaking in court on February 11. On the night of January 1, the terrorist broke into the nightclub Reina and opened

Nearly 30 people died in the capsized bus in Taiwan

In Taiwan due to a rollover tour bus has killed at least 28 people. On 13 February, according to the Central news Agency of Taiwan (CNA), citing rescuers. The accident occurred at 21:00 local time (16:00 GMT) near the city of Taipei. In the bus there were 44 people — mostly elderly people who went to one of the local farms to enjoy the blooming cherry trees. Earlier it was reported 17 dead. Rescuers arrived quickly on the scene, however, immediately found a lot of people with no signs of life. They continue to help survivors. There is a lot of emergency vehicles. The police assumes that the cause of the accident could be the speeding, but no official data.

The media called the true cause of the failure of Merkel on a meeting with Netanyahu

Angela Merkel German Chancellor Angela Merkel, according to Haaretz newspaper, refused a joint summit with Prime Minister Netanyahu because of the law on the legalization of Jewish settlements in the disputed territories. This was reported on the newspaper’s website. Close to diplomatic circles, the source explained to the newspaper that the German side is very unhappy adopted by the Knesset (Parliament) by law, and uses all possible channels to demonstrate your reaction. While the official reason for the cancellation is scheduled for may 10 meeting in Jerusalem is supposed to be scheduled for September elections in Germany. Meeting of heads of governments of the two countries for the last several years are held annually, alternately in Berlin, then in Jerusalem. In the framework of meetings at the level of heads of government and Ministers, as well as one General meeting of Cabinet. The purpose of the summits is to emphasize

In England, the ferry crashed into the pier because of the wind

In England during the docking of the ferry from the Isle of man to Liverpool the ship crashed into the dock and sustained serious damage.   As reported by the Liverpool Echo, by a lucky chance nobody has suffered. The reason for such a strong blow was strong wind gusts, which did not allow the ship to reduce speed for landing.   The ferry was sent to the dock, where engineers assessed the damage and started repairs. All flights of this ship cancelled until completion of repairs. Video: Tiny Piper / Youtube Photo: Piper Tiny / Youtube

A clumsy Panda learns to ride a roller coaster: video

In the Internet appeared the video, published by the research center for the giant Panda breeding China Chengdu, where the little Panda is trying to climb the hill to ride, but due to its clumsiness it does not work.   After several unsuccessful attempts, the nurse finally decided to teach a clumsy Panda. It is on the eyes of many spectators put the baby on the slide, and helped him to ride.   The Chengdu centre has been breeding giant pandas. Employees often organize events with the participation of her Pets. Video: iPanda / youtube

In Ukraine, the ex-fighter APU threw a grenade at people

In the village of Kvasyliv, Rivne region Ukraine ex-soldiers of the Armed forces staged a brawl in a cafe, then threw the grenade at people, reported by “Politnavigator”.   It is reported that the explosion injured six people, two of them were taken to hospital. One of the victims is in intensive care. The incident occurred on 12 February evening. Photo: Sojka Libor / Globallookpress

In Taiwan overturned tour bus

In Taiwan overturned tour bus BEIJING, February 13 — RIA Novosti, Ivan Bulatov. A tour bus overturned on the island of Taiwan, killing 12 people, reports on Monday, the Central news Agency of Taiwan (CNA), citing rescuers. The incident occurred on a highway near the city of Taipei. At the time of accident in salon there were about 40 people. In the result of incident at least seven people were taken to hospital with injuries. It is reported that the bus overturned on a steep section of the road. At the moment the cause of the incident, on a place rescuers work. Highway where the accident occurred, partially closed. 悲報…今夜,台北観光バス事故は17人死? それは愚かなドライバですか??#高速道路 #Taipei pic.twitter.com/fJX8IaRCGv — Josh Liu (@JoshLiu0022) 13 Feb 2017