Media called the name of the attacked military patrol near the Louvre Museum

An attack on a military patrol near the Louvre Museum in Paris made a 29-year-old native of Egypt Abdulla Reda al-Hamami. About it reports Reuters with reference to sources in power structures of Egypt. Al-Hamami, according to the Agency, is a native of the governorate (province) of the dakahlia governorate, situated North-East of the capital Cairo. Egypt’s interior Ministry has already received confirmation from the Embassy in Paris that the assailant was an Egyptian. Earlier it became known that he entered the territory of France at the end of January this year. On the morning of 3 February armed with machetes the man, shouting “Allahu Akbar”, attacked a military patrol guarding the order around the Paris Museum. In response, soldiers opened fire on the attackers. He was injured and was taken to the hospital. Slightly injured one of the soldiers, he was also hospitalized. According to the head of the

Adviser to trump refused to tolerate “provocations” from Iran

Michael Flynn Washington will not tolerate “provocations” from Iran, which threaten the interests of the United States. As reported Reuters, said on Friday, February 3, the US presidential Advisor for national security Michael Flynn. “The international community was too tolerant of bad behavior of Iran, said Flynn. — The days when he ignores the hostile and belligerent actions of Iran against the United States and the international community, over”. As noted by Advisor to the President of Donald trump, emergency meetings and the statement of the UN Security Council in connection with the actions of Tehran is not enough. “The trump will no longer tolerate Iran’s provocations, which threaten our interests”, — quotes its words of RIA Novosti. The tramp, answering questions of journalists, evaded a direct reply whether he intends to take additional measures against Iran, saying only that Tehran is “misbehaving”. In turn, Iranian foreign Minister Javad Zarif

Klintsevich has assessed the chances of Ukraine to receive military aid from the United States

Franz Klintsevich The head of the Senate Committee of the United States armed forces John McCain underestimates the changes that occur in connection with the change of command in the White house. This opinion on Friday, February 3, was expressed by the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on security and defense Franz Klintsevich, commenting on the “” offer of U.S. policy to provide military assistance to Kiev. “The new US President can be accused of all mortal sins, but not that he is inconsistent in their actions. Providing lethal weapons to Ukraine in flagrant contradiction with all the decisions that took Donald trump since January 20, the day of his inauguration,” reads the statement of the Russian Senator. Klintsevich stressed that the U.S. leader “initially questioned the ability of the [Petro Poroshenko] to build a system policy”. Earlier Friday, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria

Kalashnikov besieged by detractors of the Union of Russia and Belarus

Leonid Kalashnikov The misunderstanding between Russia and Belarus, resulting from the creation of the border zone, will be addressed at the highest level in the near future, said the head of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian integration and relations with compatriots Leonid Kalashnikov. This opinion he expressed in “the parliamentary newspaper” on Friday, February 3. “I would suggest not to rush the enemies of the Russian-Belarusian Union, who today rejoice. He [Belarussian President Alexander] Lukashenko is the initiator of this Union, and it is unlikely that he will destroy what so painstakingly created by the two countries”, — said the Deputy. He is confident that the current differences — the short quarrel between the States. He stressed that the visa-free regime for foreigners in Belarus is a threat to Russia’s security. “Any attacker could easily travel to Belarus and five hours to be in Moscow,” — said Kalashnikov.