Duterte promised the Communists the war the length of a generation

Rodrigo Duterte

The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte announced the resumption of the war against the Communist underground. About it reports Reuters.

“I lost a lot of soldiers in the last 48 hours, said the Philippine leader. — I think that the continuation of the truce leads nowhere. I ask the soldiers: return to camp, clean the gun, be ready for battle. I’m really sorry. I tried to do everything in my power, but it was not enough. Peace with the Communist party will not. Let us resume the war. I’m sad to say it, but the next generation of the world by the Communists will not see.”

Dissatisfaction with Duterte caused repeated violation by fighters of the Communist New people’s army (NPA) of the cease-fire that was to expire on 10 February. Over the past two days, government forces lost in clashes with the guerrillas, seven killed and three prisoners. The Communists, in turn, accuse the army that under cover of the truce, tried to seize the territory under their control, and claim that continues to advocate a peaceful solution to the conflict.

NPA standing on Maoist positions, almost half a century waging an armed struggle against the Philippine authorities. The guerrillas controlled areas in the East and the southern Philippines. During the confrontation killed about 40 thousand people. The leader of the NPA Jose Maria the Season was a Lyceum lecturer of the Philippine President. When he ran for the highest office in the country, Duterte included in the program of the conclusion of peace with the guerrillas, but later said that the Communists put forward too radical demands, and he is not able to satisfy them.