Italy and the EU pledged to Fund the camp of migrants in Libya

Italy and the European Union signed an agreement in which they undertake to Fund camps for migrants in Libya. About it reports Reuters.

Their signatures under the document was signed by the Italian Prime Minister, Paolo Gentiloni and his Libyan colleague Faiz Sarraj. In addition to the allocation of funds, Italy will also provide training camps and units, fighting the smuggling of refugees, and provide them with the necessary equipment. In addition, rim will provide Libyans with the necessary amount of medication. The Italian government also promised to support the government Saraga fighting with the Islamists.

As follows from the agreement, the migrant will stay in the camps until “until they are deported or voluntarily agree to return to the country from which the profit”. The transaction was approved by all European leaders: they hope that this will help stop the flow of refugees across the Mediterranean.

The office of the UN high Commissioner for refugees has criticized the agreement: according to its representatives, the forcible placement of the migrants in the camp means that they will live in the notoriously poor conditions and they will be to abuse. As pointed out by representatives of the UN, in the existing camps there were cases of coercion of migrants to labor, torture and rape.

In 2015, the influx of refugees from the Middle East caused the crisis in the European Union. After the result of the agreement with Turkey was blocked by the so-called Balkan route through the countries of South-Eastern Europe, the main flow of migrants moved through Libya. This is mainly residents of West African countries attempting to cross into Italy.