Porcupine eating potatoes, was struck by Network users

The Minnesota zoo posted in his Facebook a charming video in which a baby porcupine enjoying sweet potatoes. The video has already been seen by about 500 thousand people.   The footage, shot in the American zoo, little porcupine eat the sweet potatoes, holding it in his paws. In comments to the video says that this food is the perfect snack for the porcupine.   In the caption to the video also expressing gratitude to the employee of the zoo, which not only fed the baby, but caught it on video. Video: Minnesota Zoo / Facebook

SBU under the guise of the OSCE conducts operations in the Donbass

Ukrainian secret services used cars with the symbols of the OSCE mission to conduct special operations in Donbas. This was stated by Minister of state security of LPR Leonid beekeeper.   “We recorded the facts of use by the staff of SBU full copies of branded cars and forms of the OSCE mission”, – quotes “Luganskinform” beekeeper.   He added that the first Deputy head of the special monitoring mission of the OSCE Alexander hug was informed “machine-clones” and promised to investigate.   The beekeeper also said that the SBU can use the symbols of the international organization for provocation of an international character. Photo: Celestino Arce / Globallookpress

Media reported about the arrest in Vienna on 22 people from Chechnya

In Vienna on suspicion of terrorism detained 22 people from Chechnya. On Saturday, February 4, the newspaper Kleine Zeitung, citing Austrian police. Operation on detention was carried out yesterday evening on the Danube island (Danube island). According to the newspaper Kronen Zeitung, a signal to law enforcement agencies received approximately 20:45 local time. The island was spotted a suspicious group of about 30 men. When the guards arrived at the scene immediately crashed into several parts. Five men in the conversation with the police claimed that they just walked in after a certain celebration. Then the police called for reinforcements in the face of two police officers and representatives of the Viennese anti-terrorist group WEGA. During the inspection of the surrounding area they found hidden in the snow gun, a rifle and plenty of ammunition. 22 natives of Chechnya in age from 25 to 47 years were arrested. Circumstances of

A third of people in the US called Russia a hostile state

A third of people in the US called Russia a hostile state, another 22 percent consider it the enemy of his country. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by YouGov. The study involved 7150 residents of the United States. They were asked to Express their opinion about Washington’s relations with 144 countries of the world. Each Respondent was supposed to deliver 15 randomly selected from the list of States to one of five categories: “ally”, “friendly state”, “hostile state”, “enemy” or “don’t know”. The list of enemies of Russia was in sixth place (22 per cent), and the list of unfriendly countries on the second (33 per cent) after China (34%). It is also noted that among the respondents who voted in the US presidential election for Hillary Clinton, the number of those who considered Russia to the enemies, is almost four times higher (39 percent)

Billionaire viola refused the appointment as Secretary of the U.S. army

Vincent Viola Billionaire Vincent viola, nominated by the President of the United States Donald trump for the post of Secretary of the army, refused the appointment. About it writes USA Today. According to the publication, the fact that the viola will not be able to combine work in the Ministry with the conduct of a business. Pentagon chief James Mattis have expressed frustration with the failure of the entrepreneur to the destination, but noted that “understands and respects his decision”. The defense Minister also added that in the near future, recommends that the head of state a new candidate. He viola in his statement, which was published by the Military Times, said that he appreciates the confidence of the President and will continue to provide him and his administration “their unwavering support”. Department of the Army USA is part of the Ministry of defence. The Minister responsible for human resources,

Zhirinovsky called the October revolution a “political accident”

Vladimir Zhirinovsky LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky urged not to deny the historical events and not to decry rulers. Such a statement he made during a Congress of the party, reports TASS. The politician said that the liberal democratic party — the only party, “which appreciates the history of the country”. He believes that, “if you deny the history of their own country, you denigrate themselves.” “The story is not done,” — said Zhirinovsky. According to the head of the liberal Democrats, the anniversary of the October revolution should be celebrated not as a holiday but as a sorrowful anniversary. “Civil wars and coups are not a holiday. As it happened, this is a problem, it is a political accident, which killed millions,” he said. The liberal democratic party, according to Zhirinovsky, it will be to achieve the appearance of a new calendar holiday dates — September 21 — the date

LDPR leader decided for the sixth time to run for President

Vladimir Zhirinovsky Vladimir Zhirinovsky, on Saturday, February 4, was re-elected head of the liberal democratic party, announced its intention to participate in presidential elections in 2018. About it reports “Interfax”. “We will participate, and, most likely, I will be the candidate from LDPR on these elections. It will be the sixth time”, — the politician said at the party Congress. He noted that no one in Europe so many times did not put forward his candidacy for presidential elections. “If we had the same conditions like in America, I would have won, as [Donald] trump,” — said Zhirinovsky. Speaking about his re-election as head of the liberal democratic party, he admitted that the leadership of the party in the future may change. “The time will come, and at the party Congress other names will be in the Bulletin for election of the President and the Supreme Council. We should not

Zhirinovsky compared Lukashenka with a “tender calf”

Vladimir Zhirinovsky LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, speaking about the policy of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko remembered the Russian saying about “tender calf, which of the two Queens sucks.” The corresponding statement he made on Saturday, February 4, speaking at the Congress, reports “Interfax”. “The Belarusian head of everything that can be sucked out of Russia, but we have already said how much? That Lukashenko wants? A separate state, but prices let it be domestic. Why? (…) And here he sits, give Russia, give the European Union. As well”, — said Zhirinovsky, adding that Belarus could become part of Russia. At the same time the leader of LDPR has underlined that Moscow will always keep a good attitude to the people of Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Central Asia. 3 Feb Lukashenko held a seven-hour meeting with journalists, during which, in particular, made a number of sharp statements to address

Slow cooker exploded and wounded an entire family

In the network appeared the photo of the housewife who said her cooker, bought for 50 thousand rubles exploded during dinner. According to the woman, she received burns to the face and hands, and my husband and 13-year-old son were injured in minor details.   “Before the end of the process was 10 minutes. And then the explosion occurred. I stood in front of her, so preparing the mass came to my mind. Details slow cooker flew to her husband and son,” the woman wrote on the website fishki.netand added that the blast of things standing on the cabinets posnosil, broken handle on the window, and inside the cabinets shattered all the glass objects.   The woman said that she already called the office of the manufacturer of the slow cooker with the requirement to explain the situation. Photo: urod.ru