The lawyer has denied the withdrawal of police charges in the case of “Hawthorn”

A criminal case of negligence against the head of the Department precinct police Department №4 of Irkutsk Denis Cheremisina in connection with the mass poisoning of inhabitants of the city “Hawthorn” is not stopped. About it RIA Novosti said the lawyer Natalia Red.

“None of what the rehabilitation of my client’s speech does not go yet. The result is only overturned the decision to dismiss from office. Also cancelled the house arrest. But the criminal case against Cheremisina not terminated, the charges against him withdrawn”, — she said.

Red stressed that Cheremisin is currently on sick leave and the position has not yet been recovered.

Earlier media, citing sources in law enforcement agencies reported that Cheremisin, accused of negligence that entailed death of two and more persons rehabilitated. According to investigators, the police in the period from 28 January to 31 December 2016 is not organized properly the work of district administrative areas. Because of this, it became possible to trade in counterfeit concentrate for bathing “Hawthorn”, containing methyl alcohol. From poisoning by this product in December 123 people were injured, 76 of them died.

Only in the case of mass methanol poisoning in Irkutsk detained 22 people. As part of the investigation removed from office the Deputy head of the Irkutsk regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor Mikhail Loginov and the Deputy Minister of property relations of the region Evgeniya Nefedova. They, and Cheremisin, are accused of negligence.