The Turkish army was destroyed in Syria 44 militants IG

Units of the Turkish army, leading battles near the Syrian town of al-Bab and destroyed 44 militant terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). About it reports Reuters with reference to sources in the Turkish military command. Another 117 terrorists were injured. As specified, artillery blows were inflicted on 157 the objects of IG. December 26, the press Secretary of the Turkish President Ibrahim Kalin said that during the recent fighting at El-Bab, the Turkish military and allied forces of the Syrian free army (FSA) destroyed 226 of the Islamists. Heavy fighting in al-Bab, continue for several weeks. Turkish troops and their allies of the FSA are trying to encircle the town. To date both sides have reported large losses of the enemy: the Turkish military announced killed hundreds of Islamists and ISIS said that the militants managed to knock out 10 Turkish tanks “Leopard”. 22 Dec Ankara

In Sochi found more than 1.5 thousand of the wreckage of Tu-154

At the crash site of Tu-154 of the Ministry of defense in the Black sea discovered more than 1.5 thousands of fragments of the fallen plane. On Wednesday, December 28, reports TASS citing a source in law enforcement bodies. “During the search operation discovered in 1547 fragments and wreckage of the aircraft,” — said the source. According to him, about a third of them — 567 — brought to the surface. Two on-Board recorder located in the tail of the plane has not been found yet. Earlier on Wednesday it became known that the rescuers found in the Black sea in Sochi three more bodies of the victims. Thus, the total number of bodies found has risen to 15. On 27 December it was reported that in the Black sea over a length of 200 meters found a large accumulation of debris of wrecked aircraft, and parts. In the security

Russian sappers cleared about a thousand acres of land in Aleppo

Russian soldiers international mine action centre have demined more than 966 hectares of land in Eastern Aleppo , as reported by the Russian centre of reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria. Work carried out since the fifth of December.   Cleared over 350 kilometres of roads, more than two thousand buildings, cleared about 15 thousand explosive devices. In addition, the engineers have secured dozens of socially significant buildings, including hospitals, schools and clinics. Only for last days the specialists cleared from explosive objects nine mosques, four schools and one kindergarten.   “From explosive ordnance cleared of about 350 kilometers of roads 2149 and buildings (of which 111 are socially significant), including 44 schools, 38 mosques, 10 hospitals and clinics, two kindergartens, three water intake station, two power plants, one water treatment plant, and one bakery”, – is spoken in the message Center.   Earlier it became known that the

Zakharova called the statement of the British foreign Secretary on Syria Amateur

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova © Alexander Shcherbak/TASS MOSCOW, December 27. /TASS/. The statement of the Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain Boris Johnson, who called the victory of the Syrian army in Aleppo “empty” undiplomatic and unprofessional. This was stated by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

Obama called Abe’s visit to pearl Harbor historic gesture

Shinzo Abe (left), Barack Obama President Barack Obama called the visit of Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe in Hawaiian pearl Harbor “historic gesture” that shows the power of reconciliation. Reported by the Associated Press. Obama, who is performing at the Hawaii Christmas vacation, gave a speech at pearl Harbor, along with Abe. This is the first such joint visit of the American and Japanese leaders. According to Obama, the presence of Abe is a reminder of the opportunities that can gain the country and the people. It shows that war can end, and enemies can become allies, said the President. Obama said that relations between the US and Japan are currently the “cornerstone of peace around the world.” This Alliance has never been so strong, he said. In turn, Abe brought “warm and unfading” condolences in connection with death of American servicemen in the bombing of the base, the

Medvedev instructed ministries to prepare additional measures to increase the birth rate

Photo: RIA Novosti Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev instructed Russian ministries to prepare dopolnitelnye measures to increase the birth rate in the country. The order published on the official website of the government. “The Ministry of labour, Ministry of education and science, the Ministry of construction of Russia, Ministry of healthcare, Ministry of economic development of Russia and the Finance Ministry to prepare additional measures to support fertility and to submit them to the government of the Russian Federation”, — stated in the text of the order. To fulfill the order is required before June 1, 2017. In addition, the Ministry of labor and the Ministry of Finance, the Prime Minister instructed “to study conditions of co-financing at the expense of budgetary appropriations of the Federal budget expenditure commitments of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation arising from the appointment of monthly monetary payment for the third child

A search operation at the crash site of Tu-154 had to stop

Rosmorrechflot at the time a search operation in the Black sea, where he suffered the crash of passenger aircraft Tu-154 Russian defense Ministry. About it write RIA Novosti.   It is notedthat the cessation searches related to bad weather – the sea now there is serious excitement. In such circumstances, the work of divers is prohibited.   According to the representative of Rosmorrechflot, quoted by the Agency, the tide on the place of search works at the moment reaches 13-18 decimeters, the wind speed is at 12-15 meters per second. Besides, even swell. “It was instructed not to go now to the open sea due to bad weather,” he explained.   As explained in the service, deep-water operations involving divers are terminated when the wave of more than 1.5 meters. To resume a search operation is scheduled in the early morning.   Recall that the Tu-154 Russian defense Ministry crashed

The court of Moscow has recognized the events of 2014 in Ukraine coup

© Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images MOSCOW, December 27. /TASS/. Dorogomilovsky court of Moscow has satisfied the claim eks-the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Oliynyk on the recognition of the change of power in Ukraine in 2014, coup, the correspondent of TASS. Support US and EU In the court’s decision emphasizes that the support of the US and EU anti-constitutional coup in Ukraine has led to a split in society and the emergence of armed conflict. “The support of influential representatives of Western countries, the protests escalated into riots,” said the judge. Extremists – as part of the government One of the important factors of the change of power in Ukraine, the Russian court acknowledged the participation in the process of the armed nationalist organizations. “In Ukraine there are extremist groups that are part of the government and persecuting people on the basis of social and ideological hatred, – said in

In South Korea detained head of the pension Fund

Munkyung PHE Special prosecutors in South Korea investigating a corruption scandal in which was involved the top leadership, said that the detained Chairman of the National pension Fund mun Ken PHE. About it reports Reuters. More information Ministry is to provide did not, saying only that we are talking about suspicion in abuse of power. The consequence finds out participation munkyung PHE to the pressure on the pension Fund with the aim of supporting the process of merging two branches of the Corporation Samsumg last year. At that moment, he was the head of the Ministry of health and social welfare, which manages the Fund. On 9 December, the Parliament voted for the impeachment of President Park Geun-H. This decision still needs for a 180-day period to approve or reject the constitutional court. The reason for the political crisis in South Korea became a fortune teller Choi sung-SIL, a friend