Medvedev instructed ministries to prepare additional measures to increase the birth rate


RIA Novosti

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev instructed Russian ministries to prepare dopolnitelnye measures to increase the birth rate in the country. The order published on the official website of the government.

“The Ministry of labour, Ministry of education and science, the Ministry of construction of Russia, Ministry of healthcare, Ministry of economic development of Russia and the Finance Ministry to prepare additional measures to support fertility and to submit them to the government of the Russian Federation”, — stated in the text of the order.

To fulfill the order is required before June 1, 2017.

In addition, the Ministry of labor and the Ministry of Finance, the Prime Minister instructed “to study conditions of co-financing at the expense of budgetary appropriations of the Federal budget expenditure commitments of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation arising from the appointment of monthly monetary payment for the third child or subsequent children until the child reaches the age of three years.”

The Ministry of health and the Ministry of Finance was instructed to study the question of the extension of the calendar of preventive vaccinations.

Medvedev also instructed the Ministry of health jointly with the Executive bodies of the constituent entities of the country to prepare proposals for the construction, reconstruction and capital repairs of children’s hospitals.

Earlier, Medvedev said that the healthcare budget in Russia will increase.