Putin spoke about “standing on end hair” from some of the decisions of the courts

Putin spoke about “standing on end hair” from some of the decisions of the courts President Vladimir Putin questioned the competence of solutions of some Russian judges and promised to ask the President of the Supreme court and the attorney General to deal with violations. About Putin said at a meeting with members of the presidential Council on human rights. According to the head of state, he saw the court order, which says that the accused “committed a crime by writing a statement to the Lipetsk regional Prosecutor’s office”. “When I look at these things, I just have the remaining hair stand on end. What it is, completely crazy or what”, — Putin said (quoted by “Interfax”). The head of state added that the qualifications of such judges is questionable. In early November, Putin, speaking at the IX Congress of judges, proposed to improve the operation of the qualification Collegium

Putin urged not to expand sanctions on medical supplies and equipment

Putin urged not to expand sanctions on medical supplies and equipment Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the drugs and medical equipment should not be placed under international restrictions and sanctions. The head of state said during the ceremony, awards for outstanding achievements in the field of charitable and human rights activities, which takes place in the Kremlin, reports “RIA Novosti”. Read alsoPutin has promised to increase the efficiency of market surveillance essential drugs According to him, as a result of such limitations, people are deprived of medical assistance, “including in terms of military conflict, when suffer primarily civilians, and often, unfortunately, children.” The President also noted the need to exclude the imposition of sanctions on medicines at the international level. Earlier, on December 7, RBC became known that the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on expansion of the list of foreign medical products that fall

In the Netherlands arrested a suspected terrorist from ISIS

Police in the Netherlands arrested associated with ISIS the man suspected of preparing a terrorist act. On Friday, December 9, according to Reuters. The special operation was held in Rotterdam. It is known that suspected terrorists for 30 years. During a search of his apartment turned up an AK-47, two fully loaded magazine to him and the four crates with homemade fireworks. Investigators believed, due to the higher content of powder they can be used for the manufacture of an improvised explosive device. The police statement also says that found “a large image of the flag of the “Islamic state”” (IG, is prohibited in Russia), but additional details were not given. Photo: Dutch Prosecutor”s Office / AP On 28 November, the Spanish authorities announced the arrest of four people linked to an underground network for the transfer of illegal migrants to Europe, used the IG. Four days earlier, French security

In the state Duma questioned the adequacy of the McLaren

Richard McLaren Member of state Duma Committee on physical culture, sports, tourism and Affairs of youth Vasily Vlasov questioned the competence and adequacy of canadian lawyer Richard McLaren, head of the independent Commission of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA). The MP said “the Tape.ru” on Friday, December 9. “I think he’s not really friends with the head. He would have rebuked the deputies of the state Duma that we ran, and substituted the doping samples of the athletes,” — said Vlasov. In his opinion, Western countries accuse Russia of fraud because you can’t “beat the competition in a fair fight”. “In the West are just afraid of strong opponents, so by all means try to find some fraud,” he concluded. Earlier on Friday, McLaren said that the Russian athletes were systematically participate in the machinations of the doping tests after the failure of the national team at the winter Olympics

Media: In the USA want to investigate interference, “the Russian hackers”

Photo: © RIA Novosti. Stringer U.S. congressmen Elijah Cummings and Eric Swalwell introduced Wednesday in the house of representatives a bill, which envisages the creation of an independent Commission to investigate the “interference of the Russian government” in U.S. elections through hacking, told the publication Wired. Earlier, us intelligence agencies has officially accused Russia of attempts to influence U.S. elections, the Kremlin denied it. After the election, the White house acknowledged that on the day of the vote no increased hacking activity was not. “This Commission will develop a bipartisan, independent, active consideration of Russia’s attempts to influence our choices and attack our democracy. It (the Commission) will also provide specific recommendations for the future,” said Cummings, quoted by Wired. Earlier, a group of us senators urged President Barack Obama to declassify information, which, in the opinion of Washington, confirms the relationship between the actions of the Russian authorities and

The General staff of the armed forces: Aleppo left more than 1 thousand insurgents

© Valery sharifulin/TASS MOSCOW, December 9. /TASS/. More than 1 thousand insurgents voluntarily left Aleppo, most of them pardoned, the chief of the Main operations Directorate of the General staff of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation Lieutenant General Sergey rudskoy. “All of Aleppo voluntarily resigned 1096 militants, 953 of them pardoned, in respect of the remaining test events are held. Thus, the Syrian government fully fulfills its obligations to return to civilian life of members of illegal armed formations”, – he said.

Novgorod the Deputy detained in Moscow when receiving two million dollars

Novgorod the Deputy detained in Moscow when receiving two million dollars The Deputy of the Novgorod regional Duma was detained in Moscow on suspicion in swindle in especially large size (part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code). This is stated in the message on the website of the Investigative Committee of Russia. 33-year-old legislator learned about the criminal case (what kind not specified), the defendants who are in custody, and said a friend of one of them that he allegedly has extensive contacts in law enforcement. For two million dollars, he proposed to solve the issue of changing the measure of restraint for the accused and positively influence the course of the investigation. “December 6, 2016 upon receipt of funds in the framework of operational activities, held in Moscow, the Deputy was detained by law enforcement officers”, — stated in the SC.

A monument to the players will appear in Moscow at the entrance to the sports Park “Dinamo”

A monument to the players will appear in Moscow at the entrance to the sports Park “Dinamo” It will be a copy of the original sculpture, which is stored in the Tretyakov gallery. MOSCOW, December 8. /TASS/. The Commission on monumental art at Moscow city Duma has approved the installation of a monument “Football” in front of the entrance to the sports Park “Dinamo” at the address: Leningrad Prospekt, VL. 36. This became known on Thursday at a meeting of the Commission. “We placed the sculpture as a copy of the original that is kept in the Tretyakov gallery. And the place is very natural. The decision is unanimously positive,” said the Chairman of the Commission Igor Voskresensky. The monument will be an exact bronze copy of the sculpture Chaikov “Footballers” 1939, stored in the State Tretyakov gallery. The height of the monument will be 2.6 m with pedestal —

Trump won the election thanks to the scientists and Big Data

Trump won the election thanks to the scientists and Big Data A sensational study published the Swiss publication Das Magazin. The article says that the scientists, Big Data and the latest technology provided to Donald Trump win the election. Follow all According to the newspaper, the key factors of the victory trump — innovative technologies, daily surveillance of each person and versatile weapons falling into the wrong hands. Specialist in Big Data and psychometrics (psychology section, based on the data analysis) Michal Kosinski realized that victory trump connected with his scientific researches as soon as the TV announced the election results. The same day firm Cambridge Analytica issued a press release stating: We were astonished that our revolutionary approach is based on data communication made a significant contribution to the victory of Donald trump. Each user action — even a simple “like” on a social network or a request to