In the Netherlands arrested a suspected terrorist from ISIS

Police in the Netherlands arrested associated with ISIS the man suspected of preparing a terrorist act. On Friday, December 9, according to Reuters.

The special operation was held in Rotterdam. It is known that suspected terrorists for 30 years. During a search of his apartment turned up an AK-47, two fully loaded magazine to him and the four crates with homemade fireworks. Investigators believed, due to the higher content of powder they can be used for the manufacture of an improvised explosive device.

The police statement also says that found “a large image of the flag of the “Islamic state”” (IG, is prohibited in Russia), but additional details were not given.

Photo: Dutch Prosecutor”s Office / AP

On 28 November, the Spanish authorities announced the arrest of four people linked to an underground network for the transfer of illegal migrants to Europe, used the IG. Four days earlier, French security forces arrested seven militants of the IG. The investigation revealed that they were preparing attacks on 20 sites, including Disneyland Paris, the police of the French capital, the headquarters of the General Directorate of internal security (counterintelligence) of France, metro station, restaurants, and places of worship.