German counterintelligence caught in the conduct of Islamist propaganda

Member of the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution (BfF) German (counterintelligence of the country) convicted of keeping Islamist propaganda and terrorist attack in the office of his organization in Cologne. It is reported by Die Welt.

We are talking about a 51-year-old regular employee BfF. In the online chat, he also offered to disclose secret information concerning the activities of his Department.

Through social networks, using fake name, he was actively looking for contacts with Muslims, ready to assist him in the organization of terrorist attack using explosives at the Cologne headquarters of counterintelligence. Responded to the proposal a few people, one of whom was an informant of the security services. It failed to find the attacker.

The representative of the counterintelligence explained to the publication that the suspect, an ethnic Spaniard with German citizenship two years ago converted to Islam.

He is currently in custody. He is charged with preparation of terrorist attack using explosives. As have informed in law enforcement bodies, at the first interrogation the accused explained his actions and intentions “will of God”.

August 3 this year, it was reported that the US detained the employee of management of police for the protection of the underground in Washington on suspicion in cooperation with fighters of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). He was accused of aiding its members.