Dutch alcoholic found salvation in euthanasia

Suffering from alcoholism Dutchman mark Languidic decided to end their suffering by resorting to assisted suicide. Lethal procedure was conducted on July 14 this year. The details of this story according to The Independent.

Brother Mark — Marseille explained that he learned about the dependence of the relative eight years ago. “First we did what would make most people: we have postrelease to help him. My parents have taken everything humanly possible to save the Brand,” he said.

However, treatment in specialized clinics did not give the expected result. “In the end, the brother has declared that wants to die using euthanasia. We took it as a stupid joke,” — said Marcel.

But the statement on the voluntary withdrawal from life was approved by a physician with specialized consultations.

On the appointed day for the house to Mark for the performance of procedures in came the doctor, who explained to him its essence, and then did a lethal injection.

A law allowing people to use euthanasia if they are experiencing “unbearable suffering” with no prospect of improvement, was adopted in the Netherlands 16 years ago. Last year alone, they took advantage of 5,5 thousand persons. Among decided for euthanasia were people suffering from anorexia, chronic depression, hallucination and victim of post-traumatic stress disorder arising after experiencing childhood sexual violence.