The US has called for dialogue with Russia on nuclear security

The U.S. state Department commented on the words of the Director of the Department of North America of the MFA of Russia that Moscow supports the negotiation of new agreements in nuclear arms. As stated by the American foreign Ministry RIA Novosti that Washington was ready to cooperate with Russia on issues affecting strategic stability.


“We have to make for a more predictable, safe environment,” said the spokesman.


It stressed that the U.S. continues to urge Russia to return to compliance with the Treaty on intermediate and short range. In addition, according to the diplomat, the start-3 between Russia and America suggests that “the dialogue in the field of arms control and the fulfilment (of agreements – approx. ed.) work.”


The Treaty on the reduction of strategic offensive arms (start-3, Prague, Treaty) between Moscow and Washington was signed in 2010 and entered into force on 5 February 2011, document, validity period of 10 years, provides for the reduction of deployed strategic delivery vehicles on each side to 700 and up to 1,550 nuclear warheads.

Photo: defense Ministry