Massacre in Ohio student was bothered by the attitude of the society towards Muslims

Abdul Razak Ali Artan

In Columbus, law enforcement officials announced the name of the young man of Somali origin, attacked with a knife on the students of the Ohio state University. It turned out to Abdul Razak Ali Artan, reports CNN.

As reported in social networks, he complained about the attacks on Muslims. Investigators are examining his correspondence, to determine the motives of the crime. They do not exclude that the crime can be an act of terrorism.

The attacker, as it turned out, was a student of the same University. Prior to that, he moved from the located a few kilometers College Columbus state.

On the pages of the local student newspaper in August, was given his word. A student told me that struggled trying to find the campus place where they could quietly pray under the open sky, but was afraid of how the media portray Muslims, like himself. “If people look at me, how a Muslim prays, I don’t know what they think about what can happen,” said Artan.

The attack occurred on Monday, November 28. Artan car crashed into a group of students, then came out and started to hit them with a knife. The security officer of the University shot him. Only 11 people were injured.

Ohio University was founded in 1870, there are around 45 thousand students and 13 graduate students.