Theresa may has promised to renegotiate Britain’s role in international organizations

Theresa May

British Prime Minister Theresa may said that the need to reconsider the role of the United Kingdom in a number of international organizations. On Monday, November 28, according to Reuters.

At a press conference after talks with Polish counterpart Beate Szydlo Prime Minister was asked about the measures it plans to undertake in connection with Brexit. Mei explained: “We have to resolve a number of issues in the legal field and as regards our domestic Affairs. A former member of the European Union, we signed a number of international agreements that affect them and we think about how we will continue to treat these agreements.”

As an example, may have led Europol — police service of the EU, in which Britain coordinates the work of his interior Ministry with the countries of the European Union.

Theresa may became the Prime Minister of Britain after her party colleague David Cameron resigned on the results of the referendum on withdrawal of Britain from the EU. A plebiscite was held on 23 June, over Brexit has voted more than half of British voters. According to may, formal negotiations with the EU Brexit will not begin until 2017. At the same time, the process will not be delayed, she said.