A plane with Yanukovych tried to land with fighter jets

Viktor Yanukovych tried to illegally detain before the official ouster in 2014. The former President of Ukraine said during testimony via video conference Svyatoshinskogo court of Kiev.


“The actions that took place on the territory of Ukraine, was unconstitutional. First, I was the acting President. I tried to illegal detain, I was pressured officials who are, relatively speaking, was to provide the law and they violate it”, he said.


Yanukovych said that the decision on his removal from power was adopted on 22 February 2014 after 17:00 and about 14:00 he tried to detain at the airport of Donetsk.


“When I was in the air, I tried to land, scramble the jets. This was a military event,” stated the former President.


“The country has seen an armed coup. When I flew to Donetsk, the Manager ordered to return to Kharkov, but didn’t say why. I asked who is he to give orders to the President of Ukraine. The Manager said that executes the order of Turchynov”, – said Yanukovych.


Also during the interview, Yanukovych said that the executions, carried out on the Maidan in January 2014, the guilty oligarchs and members of the far-right nationalist movements.

Photo: mil.gov.ua