The deputies of the regional Duma adopted amendments to the land law


AiF Stavropol

Deputies of Stavropol regional Duma adopted in two readings amendments to the law regulating land relations in the region. Now the minimum size allotment of agricultural land increases from 30 to 2 500 ha. For adoption of amendments voted almost unanimously: 39 deputies voted in favor of the new law, one abstained and one voted against the changes. That land relations in the Stavropol region require legislative action, parliamentarians began in the spring of 2016. That’s when the Duma was introduced the initiative of “consolidation” of the agricultural sector. This, according to lawmakers, to help improve the region’s economy, because the big farms always easier to be successful. Besides, it is the incentive of cooperation for small farmers and a kind of defense mechanism against the Stripping of regional farmland.

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