In Australia, six people have died because of a “thunderstorm asthma”

In Melbourne, Australia, six people died because a storm caused by asthma attacks. On Sunday, November 27, reports Reuters, citing the state government of Victoria.

November 21 in the region began heavy rains, accompanied by strong winds. Their impulses spread through the state of ryegrass pollen Allergy which is called lightning, provoked thousands of cases of asthma.

In hospitals in southern Australia, there are 12 people with respiratory and other related diseases, the condition of three of them doctors evaluate critical, another five patients treated in intensive care units and receive specialized medical care.

According to the Department of health in Victoria, only 21 and 22 November to hospitals with complaints of breathing problems turned 8.5 thousand people.

Spring in the state of Victoria pollen of ryegrass soaked with moisture, then breaks and shatters into smaller particles over a large area, as a result of its concentration in the air increases.

Ryegrass — kind of herbaceous plants of the genus regress of the family Gramineae or grasses. Distributed in Eurasia and North Africa as adventive plant is found and cultivated also in other regions.