In Japan, organized the delivery of pizza on deer

In Japan, organized the delivery of pizza on deer

Japanese pizza chain has announced that it is experiencing an unusual solution for the winter conditions — delivery of the products on the deer.

In Japan this year, expect a harsh winter. Tokyo has begun an unprecedented heavy snowfalls. Warning difficulty with delivery pizza because of the collapse on the roads, “Domino” came up to use the ancient Northern mode of transport — reindeer.

The company released photos and a video showing how to operate the unusual service.

So, on the backs of reindeer will be installed heaters for pizza. To monitor the supply will be using a GPS tracker. While the tests are not quite smooth. Still not solved all the issues with the safety of animals and people. But the firm state that are working to address these problems.

Earlier, one company set a world record by delivering pizzas to the summit of Kilimanjaro.