Work on the Kerch bridge froze: video

Work on the site of the Crimean bridge, stopped for a few seconds. Thus, builders have joined the growing world popularity of the flash mob “Stop time” – #mannequinchallenge.


Installers frozen in their jobs at the time of the reinforcement plate of the carriageway on the island of Tuzla. To create the effect of stillness is the essence of the flashmob already tried thousands of people in different countries.


For a short time in social networks posted about a million commercials with the rising popularity of the hashtag. #mannequinchallenge. In natural project involves everything from singers to deputies of the state Duma.


The idea is to remove the rollers when they all freeze in a certain position, necessarily the song black Beatles American hip hop Duo RAE Simard. In the viewer there is a strange sense of the end times. It is believed that the game came up with some students from the American Jacksonville.

Video: Crimean Bridge/Youtube