The foreign Ministry called the resolution, the EU crime information

Maria Zakharova

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia called the European Parliament resolution on countering Russian media information crime. On Wednesday, 23 November, said the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, RIA Novosti reported.

“This is a crime, when the real threat of terrorism, fundamentalism, moreover, the nutrient medium in the form of nationalism, xenophobia, to divert the gaze of the international community in a completely different way,” she said, noting that Western politicians do not give people the opportunity to analyze and think on the basis of alternative sources of information.

“Only in a dispute born truth, only when there are multiple arguments, you can understand how to proceed,” — concluded the diplomat.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday called the resolution degradation of the conception of democracy in Western society.

On 23 November, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on countering hostile to the EU’s external propaganda emanating in particular from Russia. The document States that the hostile propaganda against the EU and its member States are aimed at distorting the truth, a split between the EU and its North American partners, the difficulty of the decision-making process, the discrediting of the institutions of government, intended to cause fear and uncertainty among citizens Association.

As the main information-related threats to the European Union and its partners in Eastern Europe, the resolution stated the news Agency Sputnik, RT, and “social media and the Internet trolls”