The European Parliament approved a resolution on countering Russian propaganda

The European Parliament (EP) adopted a resolution on countering hostile to the European Union’s external propaganda emanating in particular from Russia. This was reported on the website of the EP.

The document States that the hostile propaganda against the EU and its member States are aimed at distorting the truth, a split between the EU and its North American partners, the difficulty of the decision-making process, the discrediting of the institutions of government, intended to cause fear and uncertainty among citizens Association.

“The Russian government uses a wide range of instruments: analytical centers […], multilingual television channels (RT), pseudo-news Agency (Sputnik) […], social media and Internet trolls, with a focus on the division of Europe and creating a false impression about the disagreements between the EU countries and their Eastern neighbours”, — the document says.

The resolution States that Moscow is funding political parties and other organisations within the EU, including the extreme right and populist enterprises.

Among other external threats in a resolution called propaganda actions of the terrorist group “Islamic state” and the Taliban (both banned in Russia).

The resolution was approved by 304 votes to 179 at 208 abstentions.

The draft resolution was submitted to the European Parliament Deputy Anna Fotyga of Poland. In October it was approved by the Committee on foreign Affairs.