In the Urals, the conductor put a nine year old on the bus in 30-degree frost

In Ekaterinburg the conductor of the bus has forced 9-year-old girl, lost travel, to walk in the 30 degree cold. This was reported by the mother of a schoolgirl Irina Katysheva, reports the portal Tuesday, November 22.

“Humanly speaking, the employee has done wrong. The complaints are checked out, are the circumstances,” — commented on the incident at the city motor company.

According to Koltysheva, November 18, her daughter came back from the city club for children and teenagers Karavella home on the bus 18-th route. On the way, the girl lost travel. “She drove the bus in the cold, and she had to walk the Decembrists, in fact, not so much — 3 stops, but in the cold, a small child,” said the woman.

Against the conductor addressed not only the child’s mother, but one of the passengers of the bus.

3 August it was reported about the incident in Ekaterinburg the bus. Kicked out the girl with the instrument to track the work of the heart (halter). The teenager was mistaken for a terrorist.