Young American woman found in her closet a fugitive

Young American woman found in her closet a fugitive

A resident of the U.S. state of Oklahoma saw in your closet a stranger, who was a fugitive from the law. On Monday, November 21, reports The Huffington Post.

11-year-old Presley brown (Brown Presley) can’t move away from the shock she experienced on November 14, revealing a stranger. She saw the reflection of the Flight of Coke (Race Cox) in the mirror in the bedroom. 26-year-old man was hiding in the closet, where the girl keeps her clothes. The screams of the American women ran to her parents. After a scuffle with the girl’s father Cox fled, stealing $ 100. How he got into the house, not reported.

Every time you walk into your closet, your room or the bathroom, I think about it and remember how scared I got.Presley Brown

It is noted that Coke was wanted by the local police. He was arrested this morning, November 15. He is accused of committing four criminal offences, including theft and resisting arrest.

Girl finds wanted man hiding inside her bedroom closet

— Huffington Post (@HuffingtonPost) November 21, 2016