The analyst estimated the desire of Chechnya to live within your means

Konstantin Kalachev

The decision of the Chechen authorities on the implementation of the program “Lean region” due to the need to live in conditions optimized budget, said the head of “Political expert group” Konstantin Kalachev. This point of view, the expert announced on Monday, November 20, in an interview with “”.

According to him, Chechnya has some advantage over other Russian subjects, however, the savings relevant. “In tough budget for the next three years, when it is not clear that oil prices will return to their former positions need to prepare to live within our means,” said the analyst.

The Chechen leadership, understanding it, “invites the relevant people and to use the appropriate groundwork,” said Kalachev.

November 11, Chechen authorities announced the launch of the program “Lean region”, which involves the use of foreign technologies for efficient budget management. The Minister of Finance of the Chechen Republic Usman Rassukhanov said that this measure is necessary to preserve sustainable development of the Republic.

In late October, the head of the Federal Finance Minister Anton Siluanov has proposed to cut subsidies of the Republic, coming from the Federal government. The head of the region Ramzan Kadyrov has called the initiative of the Ministry unacceptable, explaining that the region “is only now getting on its feet.”

In addition, he noted that if the practice of the budget sequestration continues, the region will not be able to evolve, to fulfill its social obligations, including the “may decrees” of the President. Later it became known that Vladimir Putin instructed the Cabinet to discuss the issue of increasing funding of the North Caucasus.