Representatives of the state in corporations proposed to punish for poor performance

State representatives in boards of Directors and Supervisory boards of companies and corporations with state participation will be liable for the improper performance of their duties. According to the newspaper “Izvestia”, the relevant amendments to KoAP develops Ministry of economic development.

Development of amendments to the legislation is conducted on behalf of the government. The need for this action the Department explained that now in the Russian legislation such responsibility is absent.

Chairman of MDM Bank Board of Directors and an independent Director of Directors of “Rosneft” Oleg Vyugin said that the government instructions on development of amendments to the administrative code is a response to two cases in which representatives of States that had to vote on the Directive voted otherwise.

Under the proposals, a breach will be considered even in the absence on the ballot. For the first misconduct of representatives of the state will be fined on 5 thousand roubles, at repeated infringement sanctions in the form of 15 thousand or disqualification for the term from one year up to three years.