Hiding from the bailiffs behind the sofa defaulter of the alimony has issued a snoring

Evading from payment of the alimony the inhabitant of the Tambov region hid from him came the bailiffs behind the sofa, but he gave a snore. This was reported on the website of the office of the Federal bailiff service (FSSP) in Tambov region.

A man owes to 485 thousand rubles for the maintenance of her child. Because the answer to the repeated warnings are not followed, it was made the administrative Protocol for non-payment of funds (part 1 of article 5.35.1 administrative code).

At the hearing his case, the man has not been and during the month hiding from the bailiffs, has not yet received information about his possible whereabouts were visiting a friend in the village of Mordovo. Left at employees of the Federal bailiff service found defaulter in the yard, but he managed to get inside and close the door.

The bailiffs had within the hour to expect the return of the landlord to give them permission to enter. Once inside, they walked around the room and in one room I heard snoring. Alimony was discovered sleeping on the floor for up against the wall by the sofa.

The man was taken to the magistrate. By results of consideration of previously compiled the Protocol he was given a sentence of 100 hours of compulsory work.

In August it was reported that in Novosibirsk region 35-year-old debtor for alimony was hiding from the bailiffs under the bed from his grandmother. A man owes to 327 thousand roubles on the maintenance of twin sons.