Golodets called democratic as forced labor in state-owned companies

Olga Golodets

Involvement of convicts to forced labor in state-owned corporations is a democratic measure, said Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets. Her words brings video News Service.

Golodets confirmed that such legislative initiative is really being discussed. Amendments to the criminal code will expand the employment opportunities of persons sentenced to forced labour. “It significantly changes our laws and democratizare”, — assured the Deputy Prime Minister.

Amendments to the criminal code was prepared by the Ministry of justice. They allow you to set quotas for employment of persons sentenced to punishments not connected with deprivation of liberty, in the state of the company. Under current law, the employment of prisoners engaged in criminal-Executive inspection.

In Russia since 2017 will apply a new kind of criminal punishment — forced labor. The convicts are sent to stay in detention centres. However, they will not be able to choose or change jobs, and leave the institution without permission of the administration. By this measure the prisoners can be sentenced for a period from two months to five years for committing a crime of minor or medium gravity or for a grave crime for the first time. When dodging, he will be replaced by imprisonment.

According to statistics cited by the Federal penitentiary service for the year 2015 in Russia is sentenced to compulsory work, almost 25 thousand people, 28 thousand — in corrective.