Deprived of love Chinese attacked seemed like a man woman

The detainee is a resident of China

Deprived of female attention Chinese surnamed Cao robbed the woman he had mistaken for a man. About it reports The South China Morning Post.

The robbery took place during the walk: Cao was riding my bike and noticed that he goes to meet a pair of lovers, while “man” not as beautiful as Cao himself, however, apparently has a girlfriend.

The offender got off his Bicycle, pulled a knife and decided to Rob “the man”, but the victim resisted and was wounded. The malefactor was detained by the police.

During interrogation, he confessed to other crimes, Cao said that he stole a mobile phone from an Internet café, a handbag from your hotel and a backpack at one of the passers-by, striking him with a knife.

In 2013, the burglar had already been convicted of robbery and he was sentenced to two years probation.