Volgograd Vice-mayor was fired after the words about the “bulging buttocks” dancers

Anatoliy Omelchenko

The Deputy head of administration of Volgograd Anatoly Omelchenko, left his post after the scandal associated with the children’s sports school. It is reported portal V1.ru.

He Omelchenko claims that his resignation is not connected with the critical statements addressed to the students of the school of ballroom dancing. Commenting on the decision on his dismissal, Omelchenko said that he was slandered.

Parents of young dancers signed a petition demanding the resignation of the Vice-mayor. She has gained about 4.5 thousand signatures. Its authors are outraged statements Omelchenko of ballroom dancing. In particular, he claimed that he doesn’t like “the boys go with slick hair and protruding Asses.”

“Every dance must be based on the gender relationship, and here the boys separately, girls — separately. They do not interact, do not overlap views. In addition, children in their costumes and hairstyles are similar to adults”, — shared his impressions from visiting the school Vice-the mayor.

Omelchenko was appointed Vice-mayor of Volgograd a month ago — in October 2016. Previously, he worked in a number of Moscow theaters, including the Theater of satire, Mayakovsky Theater, Moscow art theatre and the Chekhov Theatre.