The court in USA refused to Victor bout in the retrial

Viktor Bout

The court of appeals in new York refused to review the case of Russian businessman Viktor bout. This was reported RIA Novosti his lawyer Alexei Tarasov.

“The judgement was delivered this morning and it is negative,” — said the lawyer.

According to him, the court dismissed the appeal with the main wording, “almost all the evidence is not newly discovered circumstances”.

“We find this decision unjust and do not agree with him,” said Tarasov.

The Russian foreign Ministry in turn stated that they are disappointed by the verdict. “The bout case proves once again that the trial was not conducted impartially”, — stated in the message of the foreign Ministry.

In April 2012, Viktor Bout was found guilty in U.S. court to conspiracy to sell weapons to the organization “Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia” (FARC), which in the United States related to terrorism. A Russian citizen pleaded not guilty. Bout was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Bout was arrested in Thailand in March 2008 at the request of Washington. According to open sources, the reason for the detention was the record of the negotiations on arms with his participation made by undercover agents of Management on struggle against drugs of the USA.