Obama explained the difference of Russia from USA

Barack Obama

Russia has a serious military force, but the decision of humanitarian problems in the world are engaged in the United States. This was stated by us President Barack Obama at a press conference following the summit of the Asia-Pacific economic cooperation (APEC) in Peru, the broadcast which was conducted on the YouTube channel of the White house.

Obama called Russia a “very important military power.” At the same time, as an example, he recalled that Moscow does not care about how to help Haiti recover from the consequences of hurricane “Matthew”. “We do, this is the burden that we must bear with pride,” said the President of the United States.

Speaking of China, Obama remarked that Beijing made a significant contribution to the work of the Paris climate agreement, however, accession to this document nearly 200 countries — not the merit of the PRC.

17 Nov Barack Obama called Russia a military superpower, having “influence in the region and the world.” However, he added that his “principle in relation to Russia has not changed since the first day of the presidency.”

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, commenting on these words of the American leader, recalled that he had previously called Russia a regional power.

In early October, in Haiti and other Caribbean States, and the American state of Florida was hit by hurricane “Matthew”. The number of victims of the disaster in Haiti has exceeded 470 people.

The UN climate summit was held in Paris from 30 November to 12 December 2015. According to the results of all the representatives of the 196 participating countries approved a new framework agreement defining the rules of the greenhouse gas emissions after 2020 and measures to prevent climate change.