Eagle against the radicals: clashes on independence recreated in the suburbs

In Moscow were shooting one of the most ambitious episodes of the film “Crimea” Director Alexei Pimanova. One of the actions the script takes place on the Maidan during the infamous riots in January 2014. Especially for those shooting at the suburban site was built life-size scenery elements of buildings, sidewalks and even the colonnade in front of the main entrance to the stadium “Dynamo”.


In the mass shooting took part dozens of people. Clashes between the relative “Berkut” and radicals were as realistic as possible – the actors playing law enforcement officers, really threw Molotov cocktails, and they in return used batons.


These shooting almost finishing – work on the iconic painting “Crimea” about the events of the “Russian spring” on the Peninsula comes to an end. President of the media holding “Red star” and Director Alexey Pimanov, who began to shoot a movie in March of this year, said that the film is primarily about love.


“In this movie, there is not a single bad word about the Ukrainians. Suffice it to say that the main character is a Ukrainian woman, and she says things that say many Ukrainians. And we give her a chance to speak”, – said the Pimanov.


“Crimea” is a modern story of Romeo and Juliet. Roman Curtin plays a former marine from Sevastopol – Sasha. On independence he will get a true friend. A modern Juliet was played by Eugene snow, Alena. What she had in the film to defend the point of view of Ukrainians.


“I understood this responsibility, and I needed to justify Ukraine. I hope that Ukraine will watch our film”, – told about his attitude to painting Eugene snow.


In “the Crimea” was also attended by a large number of real soldiers. Some scenes were filmed in the Crimea, there are special forces and attack aircraft obediently, take after take, working out the episodes. In the crowd were involved are not actors, but real “people friendly” and hundreds of residents of Sevastopol, which two years ago called for a return to Russia.


According to the makers of the movie left to shoot the last 12 minutes of the film two key scenes. Then start the installation, and in the spring of 2017 “Crimea” can be seen on all screens of the country.