Zhirinovsky proposed to assess the vocabulary of deputies


RIA Novosti

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky believes it is necessary to track not only the attendance of deputies, but the number of their speeches in the plenary. The relevant policy statement published on the party’s website on Thursday, November 17.

“Voters here chose not deaf, and those who will defend their rights! Therefore, discipline should be based more on the performances — here we would need criteria to decide. Three criteria — frequency of performances, number of topics and vocabulary,” said liberal Democrat.

For frequency tracking performances of the parliamentarians could be established a special office, according to Zhirinovsky.

He recalled that members should also participate in round tables, parliamentary hearings and the reception of citizens. The leader of the liberal democratic party proposed to set the rate of a thousand admissions annually for one people’s choice. “Here present, that you accepted five thousand voters [for convocation] — the names, addresses, phone numbers. No goodbye” — summed up the politician.

On 16 November the state Duma has started fining members for absence at the plenary sessions without a good reason. A truant is considered to be the people’s choice, never registered during plenary — 10:00, 12:00 or 16:00. For absenteeism, he will have to pay a fine in the amount of one sixth part of the salary is about 60 thousand rubles.

A week before MPs were obliged personally to consider the demands of the electorate, and in October they were forbidden to vote by proxy. Due to the high turnout in the parliamentary dining room were formed, and the elevators were full.