In the Moscow metro man stabbed with a scalpel in the head

The Moscow metro station “Ryazan prospectus” fought two men. During the scuffle one of them pulled out a knife and struck the other in the head, according to Saturday, November 19.

Then the assailant tried to flee the scene, but was detained by the police.

“The incident occurred on November 14. Between the two men had a conflict, in which one of the parties inflicted injuries to his opponent,” — said in the Metropolitan Chapter of the Ministry of internal Affairs. The victim was taken to a medical facility, after helping him go.

According to the source a conflict arose between the 28-year-old resident of the Moscow region and native of Tajikistan, who was wounded with a scalpel. RIAMA as reported in law enforcement, we are talking about the scratch. The Agency interlocutor also noted that the criminal case is not yet filed.