In Lithuania will start large-scale NATO exercises

Four thousand troops from 11 countries – members of NATO will be involved in large-scale maneuvers, called Iron Sword, which start today in Lithuania. It is reported TASS with reference to the defense Ministry of the Baltic Republic.


It is noted that the maneuvers will take place on two sites – janevska area on the ground in Gailiunai and Swingerscom area on the ground Pabrade.


According to the commander of Land forces of Armed forces of Lithuania Valdemaras Rupsys, modern armed forces simply need to be prepared for new challenges. Brigadier General noted that one of the main objectives of the exercise is an effective reflection of such threats.


In particular, will be worked out with the cooperation of NATO allies in conducting defensive and offensive operations. The participants of the maneuvers peredoziruet units in the staging area, will conduct combat actions in terms of settlements.


Also, during the Iron Sword will assess the combat capability of the second infantry brigade of Land forces of Lithuania “Samogitia”. It was formed in the beginning of this year. The brigade consists of two battalions stationed in the Klaipeda and Taurage, and company logistics, intelligence and communications. Next year will be formed two new battalions – infantry and artillery.


The personnel of the brigade are conscripts. In a team composed of professionals-contractors.


It is noted that Iron Sword involving units of the United Kingdom, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Canada, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, USA, Estonia. The maneuvers will last until 2 December.


Photo: NATO