Govorukhin called for the introduction of censorship


RIA Novosti

The Chairman of the Duma Committee on culture, film Director Stanislav Govorukhin said that he is a supporter of censorship. The TV channel “Russia 24”, he called moral limitations essential to freedom in society, “Interfax”.

Govorukhin noted that in Russia there is no such restriction: “we Have the only Constitution in the world, where it is written that any censorship is forbidden”. The Director noted that the state does not interfere in the creative process, and this is very bad.

He found it difficult to answer the question of who should define the moral boundaries in creativity. “If we knew who is going to decide, I would have tried to say that it is necessary to introduce some moral limits, because man is helpless before the pressure of the vulgarity and filth that is pouring from the screens of cinemas or the stage scaffolding” — said Govorukhin.

15 November, the special representative of the President of Russia for international cultural cooperation Mikhail Shvydkoi called theatrical figures to create an ethical Charter to govern the moral aspects of creativity.

On 11 November, the USSR people’s artist Armen Jigarkhanyan complained about the influence of officials on the theatre. He said that he will show the performance of the representatives of the Ministry of culture of Russia in the hope that it will provide funds. 24 Oct artistic Director of the theater “Satyricon” Raikin expressed concern about the frequent attempts of various public organizations to put pressure on the arts in General and theatre in particular.