Giant African rats will learn to fight with poachers

Giant African rats will learn to fight with poachers

Moscow. 18 Nov. INTERFAX.RU — African Giant marsupial rats, known for their keen sense of smell will attract to combat poachers, illegally hunting wild animals.

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As reported by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, rodents will learn to recognize shipments of pangolins scales — these lizards are on the brink of extinction and trade in them is prohibited. Despite this, the scale is very popular on the black market in Asia, where it is used in traditional medicine.

Experts believe that the giant African opossum will be able to find the contraband, despite the attempts of criminals to disguise the scent of pangolins, hiding them in bags of coffee.

Expected to start working the rats that are still undergoing training, will be able at the end of 2017. Then plan to teach them to recognize the smell of the tusks of elephants and horns of rhinos.

African giant marsupial rats are already used to detect mines, and in addition, they are capable of the smell of human saliva to determine the presence of tuberculosis.

#Africa’s giant rats to sniff out landmines, but could soon be turning their noses help fight illegal #poaching

— ABC News (@abcnews) November 18, 2016